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Blending Education, Creativity, and Journalism

Shubham Mewada, a seasoned content professional with over four years of expertise in the education field, has played a vital role in shaping content categories for exams such as SSC, Railways, Defence, Police, and State Government Exams. His journey includes prior contributions to organizations like Testbook, and he possesses a B.Tech degree in Information Technology. At, he manages and authorizes content in the education sector, encompassing the latest updates for UPSC, Banking, and State Government Exams. You can connect with him via email at

Fluent in English, Mewada possesses a mastery of language that allows him to craft engaging and informative content. His versatile skill set extends to various areas, with his primary focus being on College and Career topics. His ability to provide valuable insights and guidance in these domains has earned him recognition within the industry.


In addition to his professional accomplishments, Mewada has acquired several certifications to further enhance his expertise. His certifications in Time Management, Use of Canva for designing web pages and posters, and Fact-checking fundamentals with the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) demonstrate his dedication to expanding his skill set and staying abreast of the latest trends and technologies.

With his passion for education, creative pursuits, and journalism, Shubham Mewada blends these elements seamlessly, creating a captivating fusion in his work. Through his exceptional content writing skills and his ability to connect with audiences, he imparts valuable knowledge and guidance to readers. To get in touch with Mewada and explore his expertise, reach out to him at

Languages: English, Hindi 

Area of Expertise:  Time Management, Use of Canva for designing web pages and posters, and Fact-checking fundamentals

Honors & Awards:

Best Editor, Rising Star, Award for Professional Excellence


Fact-Checking Fundamentals with IFCN, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Email Marketing, Digital Marketing

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