Mizoram Land Revenue Act and Settlement Certificate: Everything You Need to Know

By Ravi Bhushan Ray


Mizoram Land Records 2023 Online Check@ Landrevenue.Mizoram.Gov.In, Know Details About Mizoram Land Revenue Act, mizoram land record Online Download Settlement Certificate


The Government of India’s Department of Information Technology has launched a project to digitize land records in the state of Mizoram. The project serves as a model for e-governance initiatives in other states and aims to improve the quality and level of government services mizoram land record Online. The Mizoram Land Revenue Act states that the Land Revenue and Settlement Department is responsible for maintaining online records to avoid disputes and protect against data fraud.

In this article, you will find detailed information about the Mizoram Land Records, including its highlights, objectives, benefits, services available, criteria, required documents, and the step-by-step process to apply for and access the records online. It is important to read this article carefully to take advantage of the benefits provided by Mizoram Land Records 2023.

Mizoram Land Records

Mizoram land records 2023 |mizoram land record Online Check

the department of information technology document of India and Mizoram irritated and endeavor to computerize land records in Mizoram to streamline and coordinate the entire process in the states revenue departments and certain the Turner round time for citizens to get various services from the states land revenue and settlement offices it was decided to implement the replication scheme in the field of Mizoram land records the computerization of Mizoram’s land record system will increase access ability as well as the opinions accountability and responses the Mizoram Land Record system Will Improve the Systems as Well as The Trans Piracy Accountability and Responsive Business when The Land Record System Mizoram Is Automated It Should Be Yourself Sustaining Due to Introduction of User Fish or Additional Leaves for Producing Computerized Certificates

Key Highlights of Mizoram Land Records 2023

🏞️ Name🏞️ Mizoram Land Records
🚀 Initiated By🚀 Department of Information Technology (DIT)
📍 State📍 Mizoram
🙋‍♂️ Beneficiaries🙋‍♂️ Citizens of Mizoram State
🌐 Official Website🌐 Click Here

Mizoram Land Records Objectives

The Main Objectives of Mizoram Land Records 2023 Creating a Single Point of Contact for All Land Records, Including Textual Records, Maps, Survey and Settlement Operations, and Land Registry, Is the Main Objective of Building the Mizoram Land Records Portal. Thanks to This Platform, the Upkeep of Land Records Would Be Modernized. the Introduction of This Would Also Lessen Land or Property Conflicts. Additionally,mizoram land record Online the Process for Keeping Land Records Would Be More Open. No Longer Are Mizoram Residents Required to Visit Government Offices to Learn About Their Land Records. They only Need to Go Online. They Can Access the Official Website to Learn Everything There Is to Know About Mizoram Land Records.


Benefits of Mizoram Land Records

Some of The Key Benefits Are as Follows:

  • Real-Time Land Ownership Records Will Be Available to The Public.
  • Additionally, Conclusive Titling Will Significantly Reduce Litigation.
  • The Amount of Interaction Between Citizens and Government Officials Will Decrease as A Result of Free Access to Mizoram Land Data.
  • The Citizen Will Save Time and Effort by Using a Single-Window Service or Web-Enabled “anytime-Anywhere” Access to Obtain Ro Rs (records of Rights) and Other Documents.
  • These Records Will Be Impenetrable.
  • Fraudulent Property Agreements Will Be Greatly Reduced by Automatic and Automated Mutations.
  • Based on The Figures, Information on Program Eligibility Will Be Available.
  • Through the Website, mizoram land record Online the Citizen Will Have Access to Information on Market Worth.
  • Using This Technology, E-Linkages to Credit Facilities Will Be Possible.

Land Revenue Act of Mizoram

The Mizoram Land Revenue Act, 2013, Is a Law that Specifies how The Land Can Be Assigned, Occupied, or Used for Both Agricultural and Non-Agricultural Uses. Additionally, It Covers the Distribution or Issuance of Rights in Or Over Such Land, Including Those for Transfer and Alienation in Addition to Land Tenures. This Is Necessary, Among Other Things, for The Assessment and Collection of Taxes on Land and Structures as Well as Revenue.

List of Services Available Mizoram Land Records Portal

The List of Services Available Portal Is as Follows:

  • Land Passbooks Provide Important Land Information.
  • Computerized Rights Record with Scale Maps and The Capacity to Print Certificates of Authority in Color.
  • Certificates Based on Ownership of Land (caste, Income, Etc.)
  • Details on Whether or Not You Qualify for Government Assistance.
  • Land-Based Loans for Agriculture, Rural Development, Economy, and Other Programs Are Readily Available.

Mizoram Land Records Eligibility

A Patta Is a Legally Binding Document Granted by The Mizoram Government Under the Mizoram Land Revenue mizoram land record Online Act as Part of The Property’s Legitimate Owner. in Mizoram, the Land Is Held Under a Periodic Patta and Rlsc (residential Land Settlement Certificate) for Residential Purposes. to Obtain Data from Mizoram Land Records or Patta, One Must Meet Specific Criteria. They Are:

  • If You Have Purchased Land, Then Are Eligible to Request a Land Record Extract.
  • You Can Request a Land Record Extract if You’re Selling Your Property.
  • Anyone with Accurate Land Information Can Request a Land Record Extract, Such as A Plot Number or Survey Number.
  • Applicants Must Be Landowners in The State.

Steps to Apply for Mizoram Land Records

If You Want to Apply for Mizoram Land Records, Then You Have to Follow the All Steps that I Have Given Below the User Needs to Follow the Below-Given Steps:

  • Approach the Appropriate Assistant Settlement Officer Office that Oversees the Property
  • Contact the Designated Authorities About the Application Process and Requirements
  • Go to The Office and Collect an Application
  • Fill out The Form Completely, and Send It, Along with The Appropriate Documentation, to The Designated Receiving Authority
  • The Application Will Be Approved After the Form and Supporting Documentation Have Been Examined
    Pay the Necessary Fees or Charges, Then Keep the Receipt for Your Records.
  • Once the Application Has Been Submitted Into the System, a Record Number Will Be Provided to Confirm Receipt of The Form mizoram land record Online. This Will Be Helpful in Further Actions.
  • At This Time, the Anticipated Release Date for The Document Will Be Disclosed. the Specifics of The Mentioned Property Can Be Quickly Discovered if The Records Are Online.
  • If Not, the Application Will Be Handled Further and The Relevant Authorities Will Check the Information on The Land.
  • Once the Procedure Is Finished, the Applicant Will Receive an Sms Informing Them of The Status.
  • The Land Record Can Be Picked up At the Same Office Again, or It Will Be Delivered to You Under the Regulations in Effect.

Steps how To log in on The Portal

The Applicant Who Wants Login on The Portal They Needs to Follow the All Steps that I Have Been Given Below:-

  • Then You Have to Click on The Login Option.
  • The Login New Page Will Be Open in Your Screen.
  • Now You Have to Enter Your Username, Password and The Capture Code.
  • After All that You Have to Click on The Login option to Get Logged in Your Registered Account.

Steps to How to Track Survey Application

If You Want to Track Your Server Application Then the Applicant Must Need to Follow the All Steps that I Have Been Given Below:-

  • First of All You Have to Go to The Official Website i.E.,https://landrevenue.Mizoram.Gov.In/
  • Of the Official Website, We Will Be Open in Your Device.
  • Then You Have to Click on The Track Servey Application Option.
  • A New Page Will Be Open in Your Screen.
  • Now You Have to Enter The survey Application Number.
  • After All that You Have to Click on Submit Option to Track the Survey Application.

Steps to Check Revenue Maps on The Digital Mizoram Land Records

If You Want to Check Review Maps on The Digital Mizoram Land Records Then the User Have to Needs to Follow the All Steps that I Have Been Given Below:-

  • First of All You Have to Go to The official Website of Mizoram Land Revenue for Mizoram Land Records.
  • The Homepage of This Official Website Will Be Open in Your Device.
  • Through Under the Service Menu You Have to Click on The Revenue Maps.
  • A New Page Will Be Open in Your Screen.
  • You Have to Select the District Taluk Hobly and Map Kinds Village Name.
  • After Click on The Search Button Any Page Will Be Open in Your Device.
  • Now Choose the Pdf File Option for The Village He Wants to See the Map.
  • The Village Map Will Appear on Your Computer Scene the Map Is Available to Print out Download.

Contact Details

For Any Other Query, Feel Free to Contact at The Below Given Details:

  • Address: Land Revenue and Settlement Department Khatla, Aizawl Mizoram- 796001 Phone Number: 0389-2322469(o) Or
  • Address
  • State Designated Agency:
  • Mizoram State E-Governance Society
  • 3- Floor, Secretariat Building Annex-1
  • Treasury Square, Aizawl,
  • Mizoram – 796001
  • Phone Number: 0389-2319637


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✔️ What is the purpose and objectives of land reforms?

The land reform programme will have three major strategic objectives. First is to achieve political stability, second is establishing a broader base for economic growth, and third is the need for social integration.

✔️ Why was land revenue very important?

Answer: The income from land revenue played an important role in establishing stability in the Mughal Empire. It strengthened the economic system of the empire. The money collected was invested in building forts and for the welfare of subjects.

✔️ What is the status of Mizoram land records?

The land record in Mizoram is valid until the property is sold, subdivided, mortgaged, or otherwise changed.

✔️ What are the fees and charges for the Mizoram land record?

The authority quotes the fees of the land record at the time of application.

✔️ Who allots the land in Mizoram?

The Government, subject to the availability of land free from all encumbrances and subject to appropriate recommendation of the “Site Allotment Advisory Board” as may be constituted by the Government from time to time or in separate proceedings, the Government may allot land belonging to the State Government.

✔️ What is the land of Mizoram?

Mizoram (“Land of the Mizos”) was known as the Lushai Hills District of Assam before it was renamed the Mizo Hills District in 1954. In 1972 it became a centrally administered union territory under the name of Mizoram, and in 1987 it achieved statehood. Area 8,139 square miles (21,081 square km).

✔️ Mizoram Land Records Eligibility

A patta is a legally binding document granted by the Mizoram government under the Mizoram land revenue act as part of the property’s legitimate owner. In Mizoram, the land is held under a periodic patta and RLSC (Residential Land Settlement Certificate) for residential purposes.


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