AP Government Releases ₹1,982 Cr  Funds for Welfare Schemes After Election Commission Approval

By Amar Kumar


The Andhra Pradesh (AP) government has recently received the green light from the Election Commission to release funds for various welfare schemes that were temporarily put on hold. This decision has brought relief to beneficiaries who were eagerly awaiting financial assistance.


Funds Released for Key Welfare Initiatives

Following the Election Commission’s approval, the AP government promptly initiated the release of funds through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT). A significant amount of Rs 1,480 crore was allocated to the Asara scheme, which provides financial support to women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Additionally, Rs 502 crore was released for full fee reimbursement under the Jagananna Vidya Deevena scheme, aimed at promoting higher education accessibility.

AP Government Welfare Schemes

Released Funds for Welfare Schemes

Scheme NameAmount Released (in crores)
Jagananna Vidya Deevena502
Other schemes (to be released)

Political Controversy Surrounding Fund Release

The release of funds was not without controversy. The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) had raised concerns about the timing of the fund release, alleging that it could influence the election outcome. However, the AP government maintained that the delay was due to the Election Commission’s restrictions.

Timeline of Events

JanuaryAP government halts funds for special cash transfer schemes due to elections.
May 14thTDP chief requests Governor to intervene in fund release.
Post-ElectionElection Commission allows fund release after TDP complaint.
ThursdayAP government releases funds for Asara and Jagananna Vidya Deevena.

Government’s Commitment to Welfare Schemes

The AP government has reiterated its commitment to the welfare of its citizens. The release of these funds is seen as a crucial step in fulfilling its promises and ensuring that the benefits of various schemes reach the intended beneficiaries.

Challenges and Future Outlook

While the release of funds is a positive development, challenges remain in the effective implementation of welfare schemes. The government needs to ensure transparency and accountability in the disbursement of funds to prevent any misuse or misdirection.



The release of funds by the AP government for welfare schemes marks a significant step towards social and economic development in the state. It reflects the government’s dedication to fulfilling its promises and improving the lives of its citizens. As the government continues to release funds for the remaining schemes, it is crucial to monitor the implementation process to ensure that the intended beneficiaries receive the full benefits of these initiatives.

What is the Asara scheme? 

The Asara scheme is a welfare initiative by the AP government that provides financial assistance to women from economically weaker sections.

Why were the funds for welfare schemes delayed? 

The funds were delayed due to the Election Commission’s restrictions during the election period.

Which party raised concerns about the fund release? 

The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) raised concerns about the timing of the fund release.


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