YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme 2023: YRSUM Apply?

By Amar Kumar


YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme Application Form 2023, Benefits । YRSUM Scheme Online Apply Registration, Eligibility, Documents


The Andhra Pradesh government has launched the YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme 2023 to provide employment opportunities for migrant laborers and address the shortage of agricultural workers. The scheme’s objective is to support both farmers and job seekers in these challenging times. The online registration for the scheme has begun and interested individuals can fill out the Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra application form. The government is committed to the benefits of both farmers and workers under this initiative.

YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme

YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra scheme

due to the make a large number of individuals who worked in teen enterprises throughout various Indian states have been was there employment conclusive the Government of Andhra Pradesh in 10th to implement the YSR Rythu Seva lo Upadhi Mitra scheme. utilizing the National rural employment graduate act the YSR right to say a low paddy Mitra program will create jobs in the agriculture and allied sectors the YSR right to say a low paddy Mitra program will operate similarly to the Mahatma Gandhi National rural employment guarantee program.

this scheme is started for to order the deep of advantage of YSRUM Yojana in the state of Andhra Pradesh which are connected to the agricultural activities and during the Kharif season.


migrant laborers can find employment in agriculture fields during the Kharif season in order to provide assistance of the all farmers after that farmers that are experience Singh difficulty with lack of available will have to consider this they will be now have access to working level for the purpose of doing liver in agriculture areas.

  • field leveling
  • harvesting of seeds
  • preparation of the nursery beds and fertilization
  • agriculture work

the division of employment possibilities for migrant workers is the primary purpose of this program it is common knowledge that a number of migrant workers are always on the look out for new employment opportunities this expected aspire the employment of many employees of their home countries following the COVID-19 outbreak.

Key highlights of AP YSRUM Yojana

🔥 Scheme Name🔥 YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme
🔥 Year🔥 2023
🔥 Launched By🔥 Andhra Pradesh Government
🔥 Beneficiaries🔥 Migrant Workers of Andhra Pradesh
🔥 Scheme Availability🔥 Yet to launch
🔥 Objective🔥 To provide job opportunities to migrant workers who have return to their native land
🔥 Category🔥 Andhra Pradesh Govt. Scheme
🔥 Official Website——–

The objective of YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme 2023

Due to the lockdown caused by Coronavirus, many citizens had to lose their jobs, due to which their livelihood was going through a lot of difficulties. YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme 2023 has been started by the Andhra Pradesh State Government with the objective of removing this problem. The main purpose of this scheme is to provide employment and to provide laborers to the farmers for their agricultural work. Through this YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme released by the government, job opportunities will be provided to the migrant workers who have lost their jobs and returned to their native land due to the coronavirus lockdown. With the implementation of this scheme, migrant workers will become financially independent and will not go to any other state in search of jobs.

AP YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme Benefits & Important Points

There is now a scarcity of labor in the agricultural and associated sectors. The problem of a lack of available workers may be remedied by putting this plan into action.

  • Migrant workers will have the opportunity to find employment as a result of the adoption of this plan. This is actually the main aim of the State Government as well.
  • It is not common practice for migrant workers to relocate to neighboring states in pursuit of employment.
  • The program will operate in a manner similar to that of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme.
  • The immigrant workers who participate in this plan will eventually achieve economic autonomy once it is put into action.
  • Migrant workers will be hired on a daily salary basis if this plan is implemented successfully.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply under the YSR Rythu Seva Lo Degree Mitra Scheme, the applicant has to follow the eligibility criteria mentioned below which are as follows:-

  • The applicant should be a permanent citizen of Andhra Pradesh state, only then he will be able to take advantage of this employment scheme.
  • The applicant must be a migrant worker who has returned to the state of Andhra Pradesh due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.
  • Only all unemployed workers of the state will be eligible to take advantage of this scheme, a worker doing any other kind of employment cannot apply under this scheme.

Employees will work in Agriculture Fields

Laborers will be given work under this plan for agricultural tasks throughout the Kharif season, which runs from July to November. According to information published by the government of Andhra Pradesh, a minimum of 200 laborers are needed for a variety of agricultural tasks on one acre of cropland, including the following tasks:

  • Nursery Bed Preparation
  • Crushing
  • Land Preparation
  • Fertilization
  • Field Leveling
  • Plowing Bund Formation
  • Seedling Picking
  • Alleys Formation
  • Weeding
  • Pesticide Sprinkle
  • Harvesting

Required Documents

  • Aadhar Card
  • Passport size photograph
  • Mobile number
  • Ration card

YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme Application procedure

if you want to apply for YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme then you have to be present for a little while longer than usual since the scheme is still in the beginning stage of its development this plant has been not be implemented by the government as of yet as soon as the government announces the opening of the program we will provide you with any further information that the necessary as well as the application process and all the details about this scheme if you are interested in testing in about the latest development to get the contact with us.


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FAQs Related To YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme

✔️ what is ysr rythu seva lo upadhi mitra scheme 2023

Thus, the YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Program is being introduced by the Andhra Pradesh  government. As part of this program, migrant workers who returned to their home country after losing their jobs due to the coronavirus lockdown will be given daily wage positions.

✔️ what The Benefit ysr rythu seva lo upadhi mitra scheme 2023

Andhra Pradesh’s YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhyay Mitra Scheme 2023 aims to solve the issue. This system provides jobs and farm workers to farmers. Through the government’s YSR Rythu Seva Lo Pathi Mitra Scheme, migrant workers who lost their employment owing to the coronavirus shutdown would be given job possibilities.

✔️ what The Eligibility Criteria ysr rythu seva lo upadhi mitra scheme 2023 ?

The candidate must be a migrant worker who has returned to Andhra Pradesh as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. This program is only available to unemployed state employees. The employees who are employed in any other capacity are not eligible to participate.

✔️ What is Rythu Mitra?

2.38 lakh Rythu Mithra Groups were formed in the state to work on SHG lines to enable. tenant farmers, share croppers and oral lessees to obtain finance from Banks and to serve. as a conduit for technology transfer and facilitate access to market information. Each Rythu.

✔️ How to apply Rythu bharosa in Andhra Pradesh?

How to apply for Rythu Bharosa Scheme Online: Visit After visiting the website, look for the login tab. Enter username, Password, Captcha and click on the “Login” button.

✔️ When did YSR Rythu Bharosa start?

The YSR Rythu Bharosa scheme was launched on 15 October 2019. The scheme was launched by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy. Through this scheme, Rs 13,500 per year will be made available to the farmers for 5 years.

✔️ Who introduced Rythu Bandhu?

Relieving the Farmers from debt burden and not allowing them to fall in the debt trap again, Rythu Bandhu Scheme is proposed by Government of Telangana for providing Investment Support Agriculture and Horticulture crops by way of grant of Rs. 5,000/- per acre per farmer each season for purchase of inputs like Seeds, …


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