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TN Govt’s Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme 2024: Register & Find Camps

Amar Kumar
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The Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme 2024, an innovative project by the Tamil Nadu government, heralds a fresh chapter in public service. Introduced by Chief Minister MK Stalin, this program signifies a major step toward providing government services that are trouble-free, open, and efficient. The central goal of this effort is to resolve public complaints within a quick 30-day period, emphasizing the government’s commitment to efficient governance.


Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme 2024

Tamil Nadu Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme 2024

Under the Tamil Nadu Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme 2024, the government prepares for many special gatherings in cities and villages. These gatherings aim to solve problems connected to 13 important departments, showing they care about public needs. From December 18, 2023, to January 6, 2024, they’ll hold 1,745 special gatherings all over the state, proving how much they’re trying to help the people.

Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme Highlights

Feature Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme
Launched By Tamil Nadu Government
Introduced By Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr. M.K. Stalin
Launch Date December 18, 2023
Objective To provide hassle-free and quick delivery of government services
Key Focus Addressing grievances related to 13 departments
Phase 1 Duration December 18, 2023, to January 6, 2024
Special Camps 1,745 camps were organized in all districts except those affected by Michaung
Grievance Redressal Timeframe Within 100 days
Official Website Visit Website
Beneficiaries People of Tamil Nadu
Rating System Officials rated based on grievance redressal efficiency

What is the Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme?

In December 2023, Chief Minister MK Stalin introduced the Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme. This initiative aims to make it easier for people to access important services from 13 essential government departments.

  • Revenue
  • Municipal Management
  • Rural Development
  • Adi Dravidar Welfare
  • BCs, MBCs, and Minority Welfare
  • Social Welfare
  • Welfare for People with Disabilities
  • Electricity
  • Labor
  • MSME

Picture yourself going to special camps held all over the state, where you’ll find representatives from different government departments gathered in one place. Going to separate offices and dealing with complicated bureaucratic procedures is unnecessary. In these camps, you can report issues, request services, and get information about various government programs.

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13 Departments Covered by the Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme

Department Area of Responsibility
Revenue Land records, property taxes, and other revenue-related matters
Municipal Management Urban infrastructure, sanitation, and local administration
Rural Development Rural infrastructure, agriculture development, and poverty alleviation
Adi Dravidar Welfare Welfare programs for Scheduled Castes and Tribes
BCs, MBCs, and Minority Welfare Welfare programs for Backward Classes, Most Backward Classes, and minorities
Social Welfare Social security schemes, women’s empowerment programs, and disability welfare
Welfare for People with Disabilities Special programs and services for people with disabilities
Electricity Power distribution, billing, and grievance redressal
Labor Labor laws, worker rights, and dispute resolution
MSME Support for micro, small, and medium enterprises

How does the Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme work?

Participating in the scheme is straightforward and accessible. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Identify the nearest special camp: These camps are held across the state in urban and rural areas, ensuring everyone can participate conveniently. You can find camp locations and schedules on the official website or by inquiring at your local Panchayat/Municipal office.
  2. Visit the camp: Head to the designated counter of the department relevant to your concern. Friendly representatives will be present to assist you in filing your complaint, request, or seeking clarification. Remember to bring essential documents like your Aadhaar card, residence certificate, and relevant supporting documents for your specific issue.
  3. Track your application: You will receive a unique tracking number, allowing you to monitor its progress through the online portal or by calling the dedicated helpline. You can expect a resolution within 30 days or a clear explanation if additional time is required.

Who can apply for the Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme?

The scheme is open to all residents of Tamil Nadu facing issues related to the 13 covered departments. There are no specific eligibility criteria except for residency within the state. Whether seeking land record updates, applying for social welfare benefits, or resolving electricity bill discrepancies, the scheme welcomes you to address your concerns.

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Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme Camp List

Benefits of the Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme

Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme benefits Beyond streamlining access to services, the Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme offers several tangible benefits for residents of Tamil Nadu:

  • Reduced Time and Effort: You no longer need to waste time navigating complex office procedures or running between different departments. The scheme brings everything under one roof, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Improved Efficiency: The 30-day resolution timeline ensures prompt attention to your concerns, eliminating long waits and frustrations associated with traditional grievance redressal mechanisms.
  • Enhanced Transparency: With online tracking and regular updates, you stay informed about the progress of your application, fostering trust and transparency in the process.
  • Empowerment of Citizens: The scheme actively empowers residents by giving them a direct platform to voice their concerns and seek solutions from government officials. This promotes active participation and strengthens citizen-government engagement.
  • Reduced Corruption: By centralizing services and providing clear procedures, the scheme minimizes the scope for corruption and misuse of power, creating a more transparent and accountable system.

Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme: Step-by-Step Registration Process

While the Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme doesn’t require formal registration, participating in the special camps is straightforward. Here’s how you can navigate it seamlessly:

Step 1: Find a Special Camp:

Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme camp list

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  • Check the camp schedule and location closest to you. Camps are held throughout Tamil Nadu in both urban and rural areas.
  • Choose a date and time convenient for you.

Step 2: Gather Necessary Documents:

  • Ensure you have your Aadhaar card readily available.
  • Bring residence proof, such as your ration card, voter ID, or electricity bill.
  • Depending on your concern, gather any supporting documents relevant to your complaint or request. For example, if you’re filing a land record update request, carry your land ownership documents.

Step 3: Visit the Camp and Locate Your Department:

  • Head to the special camp at the scheduled date and time.
  • Look for designated counters representing the 13 covered departments.
  • Identify the counter corresponding to your concern, such as Revenue for land issues, Electricity for billing discrepancies, or Social Welfare for benefit applications.

Step 4: File Your Complaint/Request:

  • Approach the representative at the appropriate counter and clearly explain your concern.
  • Be specific about the issue you’re facing and the desired outcome.
  • Provide your Aadhaar card and other relevant documents as requested.
  • The representative will assist you in filling out a simple form if necessary.

Step 5: Receive Your Tracking Number:

  • You’ll receive a unique tracking number once your complaint or request is registered.
  • Note down this number carefully, as it allows you to monitor the progress of your application online or through the helpline.
  • The representative will also provide an estimated timeframe for resolution, typically within 30 days.

Step 6: Track Your Application and Stay Informed:

  • Visit the official website or download the dedicated app (if available) to track your application progress using your tracking number.
  • You can view updates on the status of your request, any required actions from your end, and the expected resolution date.
  • Feel free to call the helpline (phone number to be provided if available) if you have any questions or concerns regarding your application.


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  • The process is designed to be simple and accessible. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from the camp representatives if needed.
  • Be patient and understand that resolving specific issues might take longer than others, depending on the complexity of the matter.
  • Utilize the online tracking system and helpline to stay informed throughout the process.

By following these simple steps, you can effectively participate in the Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme and seek prompt resolution for your concerns related to various government services in Tamil Nadu.


Makkaludan Mudhalvar Login

  • Step 1: Go to the CM with People’s Official Website.
  • Step 2: The Home Page will appear on your screen.
  • Step 3: Click the “Officer Login” button on the Home Page.
  • Step 4: Another page will open on your screen.
  • Step 5: Provide your username, password, and Security code.
  • Step 6: Click the Login button.

Important Note:

  • The Makkaludan Muthalvar Login Facility is not available for residents or citizens of Tamil Nadu.


The Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme 2024 represents a significant leap forward in simplifying government services and making them accessible to all in Tamil Nadu. The scheme empowers residents to navigate their needs efficiently and address concerns with clarity and ease by offering convenient access, streamlined processes, and rapid resolution timelines. Whether you’re a seasoned resident or a newcomer to the state, the Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme opens a promising door to accessing your rightful services and ensuring your voice is heard within the government system.

Official Website: https://mm.makkaludanmudhalvar.in/portal/en/home
Special Camp Locations and Schedule (Available in Tamil): https://mm.makkaludanmudhalvar.in/portal/en/home
Helpline Number: Email:- cmhelpline@tn.gov.in Appeal Email:- appealcmhelpline@tn.gov.in Helpline Number:- 1100
List of 13 Covered Departments and Websites: https://www.tn.gov.in/ (Navigate to individual department websites within this portal)
Aadhaar Card Correction & Update: https://uidai.gov.in/
Residence Certificate Online Application (District Specific): https://www.tnesevai.tn.gov.in/citizen/ (Select your district within the portal)
Tamil Nadu Government Grievance Redressal Portal: https://www.tn.gov/attorneygeneral/working-for-tennessee/consumer/file-a-complaint.html

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What is the Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme?

It’s a Tamil Nadu government initiative for swift and transparent government service delivery.

When was the Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme launched?

It was launched on December 18, 2023.

What are the main benefits of the Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme?

The scheme offers hassle-free government services and addresses grievances within 100 days.

How does the Makkaludan Muthalvar Scheme improve public service accountability?

Officials are rated on their grievance redressal efficiency, promoting accountability.

Are there any special provisions for cyclone-affected areas under this scheme?

Yes, special camps in cyclone-affected areas are scheduled after providing necessary relief assistance.

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