Bageshwar Dham Chhatarpur: how to visit Bageshwar Dham

By Amar Kumar


Shri Bageshwar Dham Sarkar Chhatrpur:- Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog. Today, I would like to inform you about the increasing popularity of Bageshwar Dham Sarkar, where the glory of Lord Shri Balaji is being celebrated. Devotees who come to Bageshwar Dham have their problems easily solved. In this article, I will provide you with all the necessary information about Bageshwar Dham Sarkar Balaji. I will explain how you can visit the temple, where to go, and how much it costs to go to Bageshwar Dham. Bageshwar Dham is a holy place located in the Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. You may have heard of Bageshwar Dham Sarkar and how people bring their problems to Guru Dhirendra Krishna Shastri for solutions. If you want to visit this Holy Dham and have Darshan, you need to go to Bageshwar Dham in Madhya Pradesh and obtain a token from Guru Ji. In this article, I will provide you with all the necessary details about visiting Bageshwar Dham Sarkar Chhatarpur. So please read this article till the end.


How To Visit Bageshwar Dham

Bageshwar Dham Sarkar Temple Dham Sarkar

The Shri Bageshwar Dham Sarkar is situated in Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh which is led by Dhirendra Krishna Shastri and many people follow him due to his spirituality and deep knowledge of Hinduism. So we are here with Bageshwar Dham Location using which all of you can reach the Temple. You can simply take a bus from Jhansi to Chhatarpur to reach this location. Visitors have to complete the Bageshwar Dham Registration on and then a pass will be issued to you which allows you to visit the premises. Moreover, readers must know that Name of Bageshwar Dham Maharaj is Dhirendra Krishna Shastri and he is the major priest of the Bageshwar Dham Sarkar. We have clearly mentioned the Bageshwar Dham Katha Fees so that you can book the Pooja for the well being of your Family. Readers can also find the Ways to Reach Bageshwar Dham by Bus, Train or Taxi. You should know that Yantra is offered in the Dham which you can buy only from the premises as it is not sold at any other places. Readers can find out the Bageshwar Dham Income which is generated by donations and other activities of the Dham.

key highlights of Shri Bageshwar Dham Sarkar

🔥 Article name 🔥 How to reach Bageshwar Dham
🔥 Temple Name 🔥 Bageshwar Mandir Dham Sarkar
🔥 Bageshwar Dham Government Temple Address 🔥 Garha, Ganj, Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh, India-471105
🔥 Chief Priest and Maharaj of Bageshwar Dham Government Temple 🔥 Shri Dhirendra Krishna Shastri
🔥 District 🔥 Chhatarpur
🔥 State 🔥 Madhya Pradesh
🔥 Mantra 🔥 Om Bageshwaraya Namah
🔥 Google Map Location of Bageshwar Dham Sarkar Mandir 🔥 click here
🔥 Official YouTube Channel of Bageshwar Dham Sarkar Mandir 🔥 click here
🔥 Bageshwar Dham Government Temple Dham Office Phone Number 🔥 8120592371
🔥 google location 🔥 click here

how to Do registration for Shri Bageshwar Dham Balaji

The Bageshwar Dham can be visited by those who have a token and have completed the Registration.
In order to complete the Bageshwar Dham Registration, you have to visit and then use the Mobile Number, Name and other details to complete the process.
Once your Registration is accepted, you will get a Token and Date of Visit on your Mobile Number.
Another Process includes visiting the Dham and then giving the request over there to get the Token.
Using these two methods, all of you can complete the Registration and then get Chance to Visit Bageshwar Dham.


details of Bageshwar Dham palace

if you want to go to the Bageshwar Dham Balaji with your family then you have to go to for this we are going to give you the full complete information about the palace here so that if you want to go there can easily visit Bageshwar Dham Sarkar Maharaj the palace is located in Chattarpur district of Madhya Pradesh state in India to go there first you have to go to Chhatarpur industry of Madhya Pradesh then at the distance of 35 km from there a small term named guns it is located on khajuraho Panna Road . from there you have to go to the another village about 3 km and Hanuman Ji Maharaj Balaji is seen in gada village itself Acharya Gurudev Shri Dhirendra Krishna Shastri is listen to all the problems of the people and also solved them.

Bageshwar Dham Address

All the visitors must know the Shri Bageshwar Dham Sarkar Address to pay devotion in the Temple of Shri Balaji Maharaj. You should know that Bageshwar Dham is located in the Madhya Pradesh State and Chhatarpur District. Precisely in Chattarpur, you have to visit Gada Village and here you will find the Bageshwar Dham. There are multiple ways to reach the Bageshwar Dham such as by Train, By Road and by Air.

How to reach Bageshwar Dham by train?

If you are going by “Bageshwar Dham Train” then you have to first go to Chhatarpur from where you are going, if you are coming from Delhi then only one to two trains run directly to Chhatarpur . | But if you are coming from Bhopal side. So from here 4 to 5 trains leave for Chhatarpur. You have to reach Chhatarpur with the help of these trains. From Chhatarpur you have to take the help of bus. Or you can also take a private taxi or car, which is 33 km from Chhatarpur, you will have to go to khajuraho Panna road and then you will have to go inside from that road to a place called Ganj, 3 km from that road to “Bageshwar Dham ” . is the location.

How to get to Bageshwar Dham by Bus?

If you want to visit Bageshwar Dham through bus, then for this also you have to come to Chhatarpur first. You should find out whether any bus runs from your city to Chhatarpur or not. If the bus runs from your place, then you You can come to Chhatarpur by sitting in it. Buses run from Delhi to Chhatarpur, which easily brings you to Chhatarpur, you have to come to Chhatarpur, then you can reach Bageshwar Dham by taking any private vehicle from there.

How to reach Bageshwar Dham by plane?

If you want to go to Bageshwar Dham sarkar Chhatarpur via Aeroplane . So for this you have to come to Khajuraho Airport, the nearest airport to Bageshwar Dham. To reach Khajuraho Airport , you can book flight from Delhi if you are coming from small cities. Like Bhopal Gwalior, from here you have to go to Delhi first via flight, then this flight brings you to Khajuraho. So if you are coming directly from Delhi then you can book flight from Delhi to Khajuraho. And then from Khajuraho you will have to come to Chhatarpur via bus and then from Chhatarpur you can take a private taxi to reach Bageshwar Dham .

how to reach Bageshwar Dham Sarkar chattarpur by own vehicle

if you are going to yourself out of Bageshwar Dham Sarkar Chattarpur by your own vehicle so you have given you here Bageshwar Dham Google map where you have to click and you will be able to search the location of Bageshwar Dham if you want to come directly so far that first of all you have to come to Chattarpur from Chhatarpur you have to go on Panna Khajuraho road then about 35 km of Chattarpur you will see Gada tower, Bageshwar Dham is located 3 kms from here.

what is Bageshwar Dham token?

received from they are to visit Bageshwar Dham Maharaj Bageshwar Dham token is distributed by the employees of Bageshwar Dham then the tokens are given so such people who want to submit their application in Bageshwar Dham in this token of Bageshwar Dham you have to know your full name your location your mobile number and all the details you have to given in application form of Bageshwar Dham.

how to get token in Bageshwar Dham?

if you want to get token in Bageshwar Dham then you have to go to Bageshwar dam location on a particular day to collect Pakistan because the token is distributed only one day in every month of particular get in Bageshwar Dham Last time this token of this provided in 6th this information from the next time so you have to go to Bageshwar Dham once and find out one which date and next token will be given on you can go to the date and take Bageshwar Dham token from there only after getting Bageshwar Dham token your application will be taken in Bageshwar Dham.

how to apply Bageshwar Dham Arji sitting at home?

if you want to apply for Bageshwar Dham Arji sitting at home then you have to try a coconut inside a red cloth and keep it in your temple which you have made at home and you have to send Sriram regularly and after that when you see Balaji in your dream then you should understand your application has been accepted in Pakistan along with this you can also apply for visiting Bageshwar Dham.
Friends, if you want to apply for Bageshwar Dham Sarkar sitting at home . So how can you apply Bageshwar Dham application sitting at home? Its complete information is given to you below. Which is told by Bageshwar Dham Sarkar Guru Jii.

  • You have to take a red colored cloth.
  • Now you have to wrap a coconut in it.
  • When you wrap the coconut in a red cloth, at that time tie your request in your mind.
  • And keep the coconut tied in red cloth at the place of your God while chanting Lord Bageshwar Dham in your mind.
  • After this you should chant Om Bageshwar Aaye Namah.
  • In this way you can apply your application sitting at home.

How to Know Whether Bageshwar Dham Arji is Applicable or not?

if you want to apply for Bageshwar Dham Sarkar sitting at home and you want to know whether your application has been accepted by the Bageshwar Dham government or not then this is an example that you will see lord Balaji in the form of monkey in your dream for two consecutive days if you see lot Balaji in every form after two consecutive days then you have to understand that your application has been accepted or not.

सारांश (Summary)

जैसा कि आर्टिकल लेख में हमने आपसे Bageshwar Dham Sarkarसे संबंधित सभी जानकारी साझा की है, यदि आपको इन जानकारियों के अलावा कोई अन्य जानकारी चाहिए तो आप नीचे दिए गए कमेंट सेक्शन में जाकर मैसेज करके पूछ सकते है। आपके सभी सवालों के जवाब अवश्य दिए जायेंगे। आशा करते है आपको हमारे द्वारा दी गयी जानकारी से सहायता मिलेगी।

ध्यान दें :- ऐसे ही केंद्र सरकार और राज्य सरकार के द्वारा शुरू की गई नई या पुरानी सरकारी योजनाओं की जानकारी हम सबसे पहले अपने इस वेबसाइट Sarkariyojnaa.Com के माध्यम से देते हैं तो आप हमारे वेबसाइट को फॉलो करना ना भूलें ।

अगर आपको यह आर्टिकल पसंद आया है तो इसे Like और Share जरूर करें ।

इस आर्टिकल को अंत तक पढ़ने के लिए धन्यवाद…


Posted by Amar Gupta

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FAQs Related To Bageshwar Dham Sarkar 

✔️ Who is Dhirendra Krishna Garg?

Dhirendra Krishna Shastri (born Dhirendra Krishna Shukla, 4 July 1996) also known as Bageshwar Dham Sarkar is an Indian epic narrator (Katha Vachak) and a Hindu Spiritual Leader popularly known as Bageshwar Dham Maharaj.

✔️ How can I get Bageshwar Dham token?

Anyone who submits an application to Bageshwar Dham receives “Bageshwar Dham Tokens,” which are distribute by the staff. As tokens are only give out once a month, you must visit Bageshwar Dham on a specific day in order to obtain one.

✔️ What is the net worth of Pandit Dhirendra Krishna Shastri?

His total wealth is 19.5 crore. Mr. Dhirendra Krishna Shastri is the head and maharaja of the well-known holy site of Bageshwar Dham Sarkar in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh’s Chhatarpur district.

✔️ What is Bageshwar Dham famous for?

Self-styled godman Dhirendra Krishna Shastri, alias Bageshwar Dham Sarkar, has recently grabbed the media attention by making the claim that he will make India a ‘Hindu’ nation in case he garner people’s support. He also urged all to follow ‘Sanatan Dharma’.

✔️ What is the history of Bageshwar Maharaj?

The area, that now forms Bageshwar district, was historically known as Danpur, and was ruled by Katyuris during the 7th century AD. After the disintegration of the Katyuri kingdom in the 13th century, the area remained under the rule of Baijnath Katyurs, direct descendants of Katyuri kings.

✔️ How to connect with Bageshwar Dham Sarkar?

From Chhatarpur You Have To Take The Help Of Bus. Or You Can Also Take A Private Taxi Or Car, Which You Have To Go To Khajuraho Panna Road, 33 Km From Chhatarpur And After That You Have To Go Inside From That Road From A Place Called Ganj, 3 Km From That Road Is The Place Of Bageshwar Dham.

✔️ When was Bageshwar district formation?

On 15th September 1997, Bageshwar tehsil was separated from Almora district to form an independent district Bageshwar. Bageshwar gets its mention in Skanda Puran, the Hindu mythology as being the place where gods and sages came to meditate to lord Shiva.


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