How to Install the Solar Panel on Subsidy in India?

By Ravi Bhushan Ray


The Indian government has been keenly promoting the adoption of solar energy as infrastructure substitutes in the last few years. The solar credit targets this through the Solar panel system installation assistance given to the owner. This step-by-step guide will help you to complete the application for solar panel subsidies extension in India. If you wish, you can follow the instructions in this guide.


Research Eligibility Criteria

It is fundamental to understand the process of filling the application form correctly as per the stipulation given by the government for solar panel subsidy before the actual initiation of the process. The fact that one can fail or meet all the requirements varies from state to state is a fact, therefore, you really need to do your research beforehand and make sure you fulfill all the requirements.

Solar Panel

Choose a Reputable Solar Panel Manufacturer

The immediate next step after choosing the dependable solar panel manufacturer and the subsidy application process is this particular step if you have any doubts regarding the component. Solar panels produced by a brand-named Loom Solar are examples of how good they are. An applicant for the subsidy should select a manufacturer corresponding to the government’s criteria in order to be eligible.

Calculate Solar Panel Price

The following stage is to perceive the comprehensive cost of installing solar panels on your property apart from the producer of solar panels. The price is also an inclusive price which will cover the solar panel price along with any other equipment needs such as installation fees.

Contact the State Nodal Agency

Having ascertained the total cost, choosing a solar panel manufacturer, and confirming the conditions of subsidies dispense, you may apply to the State Nodal Agency for solar panel subsidies. They will not only assist you in the application process but also provide you with the forms of applications that are needed.


Fill Out the Application Form

When applying the State Nodal Agency’s form, it should be filled in the following way. Apply yourself to answer all information required correctly and add any document that may have been requested. You must be sure that all mistakes and missing details are being taken care of by reviewing the form at least twice.

Submit the Application

It can be sent to the mentioned Nodal Agency after one has filled the form and included all the necessary documents. Having got your application reviewed, the government will give solar panel grants if all the required documents and features are fulfilled.

Installation of Solar Panels

Once the report on your application has been reviewed, you can begin to work on the installation procedure of the solar panels. Ensure that you engage a qualified specialist to assist in installing the tiles appropriately and according to the government regulations and the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Final Inspection

A post-installation final inspection by the State Agency will be in place to determine that the solar panels were installed properly and meet the necessary standard. According to the government directive, the subsidy amount will be credited to your account if all pre-requisite documents are in order.

Similarly, the process of requesting a solar panel subsidy in India involves several stages starting with the preliminary investigation of qualifications and ending with the final installation and testing phase. You can avail subsidies from the government and at the same time contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment by following the instructions given and working with a trusted solar panel manufacturer like Loom Solar.


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