PUBG Mobile x KFC Collaboration: Redeem Exclusive KFC x PUBG Mobile Codes – Limited Time Offer!

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PUBG Mobile x KFC 2023 The gaming world is ever-evolving, and PUBG Mobile x KFC Collaboration between brands have become a trend. One such exciting collaboration that has caught the attention of many is PUBG Mobile. This partnership has introduced a range of in-game items, themed sets, and even virtual KFC restaurants within the game. Dive in to discover the crispy details of this collaboration.

PUBG Mobile & KFC

PUBG Mobile x KFC Collaboration

The partnership between PUBG Mobile and KFC isn’t only about bringing in fresh stuff; it’s all about improving the gaming adventure. Gamers can now enjoy KFC-themed features, which make the game even more exciting and enjoyable. This collaboration has introduced special healing items and virtual KFC eateries, giving the game a one-of-a-kind twist.

Key Highlights of the PUBG Mobile x KFC Collaboration

In-game ItemsIntroduction of KFC-themed items like KFC Drink, KFC Nuggets, and more.
Virtual KFC RestaurantsPlayers can find KFC restaurants on various maps, offering exclusive items.
KFC Self-Ordering KioskSpecial supply shops in KFC restaurants where players can buy exclusive recovery items.
Release DateOctober 2023
Special GameplayInteractive KFC self-ordering kiosk gameplay.
Exclusive SetsKFC Royale Colonel Set, Chicken Champ Cover and Set, and more.
Special BuffsKFC food items in-game provide boosts to player’s HP and energy.
Location of KFC RestaurantsFound across various maps, easily recognizable and interactive.
Unique ExperiencePlayers can walk into virtual KFC restaurants, replicating real-life experiences.

PUBG Mobile x KFC Restaurants

Introducing KFC restaurants in PUBG Mobile is a testament to the game’s commitment to providing players with a realistic experience. These restaurants are not just for show; they are interactive, allowing players to walk in, explore, and even make purchases. From touch-screen order machines to seating booths, the attention to detail is commendable. Not every day, you get to walk into a fast-food joint in a battle royale game!

Exclusive KFC Items in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile x KFC collaboration has introduced exclusive KFC recovery items that add to the fun and give players an edge in the game. These items are enhanced versions of the classic recovery items but with a KFC twist:

  • KFC Drink: Boosts energy by 60. Quick to use, taking only 4 seconds.
  • KFC Nuggets: Recovers 75 health points. Takes 4 seconds.
  • KFC Chicken Bucket: A total health recovery item. Takes 6 seconds.
  • KFC Chicken Dinner: A rare find! Fully recovers both health and energy in 6 seconds.

KFC Items in PUBG Mobile

Item NameBenefit
KFC DrinkRecovers 60 Energy in 4 seconds
KFC NuggetsRecovers 75 Health in 4 seconds
KFC Chicken BucketFully recovers Health in 6 seconds
KFC Chicken DinnerFully recovers Health and Energy in 6 seconds
Exclusive SetsDescription
Chicken Champ Cover and SetExclusive KFC-themed attire for players
KFC Royale Colonel SetA set showcasing the iconic KFC branding
Royale Delight Top and ParachuteSkydive in style with KFC-themed parachute
Crispy Crunch Avatar FrameA frame for player’s avatar, KFC style
Seasoned Squad GraffitiLeave your mark in the game with KFC graffiti

Unique Features of the Collaboration:

  • Interactive KFC restaurants spread across various maps.
  • Exclusive KFC-themed recovery items to boost gameplay.
  • Special supply shops within the KFC restaurants.
  • Unique in-game items like the KFC Royale Colonel Set and Chicken Champ Cover.
  • A chance to experience the iconic KFC branding within the game.

The Impact of PUBG Mobile x KFC Collaboration on the Gaming Community

The collaboration between PUBG Mobile isn’t just a marketing gimmick. It represents the evolving landscape of gaming, where brands are keen on creating immersive experiences for players. The gaming community has received this partnership positively, with many appreciating the innovative integration of a real-world brand into a virtual gaming environment.


Why Collaborations Like PUBG Mobile and KFC are the Future of Gaming

In gaming, collaborations with popular brands are becoming a trend. These partnerships offer a fresh perspective and introduce new elements to the game, keeping the players engaged. With the PUBG Mobile x KFC collaboration, players experience the thrill of the game while interacting with a brand they recognize and love. Such collaborations enhance the gaming experience, making it more relatable and enjoyable.

From Virtual Chicken Dinners to Real-Life KFC Buckets

The line between virtual and real is blurring. With collaborations like PUBG Mobile , players are getting a taste of real-world experiences in a virtual setting. It’s fascinating to see how a simple game can integrate real-world elements, making the entire experience more engaging and memorable.

Gaming and Food: A Partnership Worth Exploring

The collaboration between PUBG Mobile KFC showcases the potential of partnerships between gaming and food brands. It’s not just about introducing new items; it’s about creating unique experiences that resonate with players. As gaming continues to evolve, we can expect to see more such exciting collaborations.

The Power of Brand Collaborations in Enhancing Player Experience

When two giants from different industries come together, the result is often a unique blend of creativity and innovation. The PUBG Mobile x KFC collaboration is a testament to this. The game offers players a fresh perspective and a novel way to interact with familiar brands by integrating real-world elements into a virtual environment. Such collaborations pave the way for more immersive gaming experiences, setting a precedent for future partnerships.


The collaboration between PUBG Mobile KFC is more than just a fusion of gaming and fast food. It represents the limitless possibilities when brands from different sectors come together. By introducing KFC-themed elements and interactive restaurants in the game, players are offered a novel experience beyond traditional gameplay. As the lines between the virtual and real worlds continue to blur, collaborations like these set the stage for a future where gaming is not just about winning battles but also about immersive and relatable experiences.

FAQ Related To PUBG Mobile KFC

How to get KFC-PUBG rewards?

Buy the PUBG Gamer Box at KFC stores, through the KFC App or on This will give you a scratch card with e-codes.

Can I get e-codes online?

Yes, order the gamer box via KFC App,, or at KFC outlets. You’ll get a scratch card with e-codes.

How to use e-codes for PUBG Skin?

First, buy the Gamer Box meal from KFC to get e-codes. Then, scan the QR code on the scratch card or visit Follow the website’s steps, confirm your email, and pick where to get your skin.

What can I get with the promotion?

With the unique code, players can get special in-game items. PC and console players get a set of in-game items in KFC colors. Mobile players get one of 6 items. All PUBG players can see KFC items in-game, even without a code.

Where can players find the KFC restaurants in the game?

KFC restaurants are spread across various maps in the game and are easily recognizable. Players can walk into these virtual restaurants, much like in real life.

What’s unique about the KFC-themed recovery items in PUBG Mobile?

These items are enhanced versions of classic recovery items. For instance, the KFC Drink recovers 60 energy in just 4 seconds.

How has the gaming community reacted to this collaboration?

The collaboration has been positively received by the gaming community, with many appreciating the innovative integration of a real-world brand into the game.

Are there any other brand collaborations in PUBG Mobile?

Yes, PUBG Mobile has had various collaborations in the past, but the partnership with KFC stands out due to its immersive integration and the introduction of real-world elements into the game.


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