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Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme Apply :- The Karnataka government has recently introduced a new initiative aimed at providing convenient services to the public. Known as the Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme for 2023,janasevaka slot booking this program offers special services right at your doorstep. Janasevaka Karnataka gov in In this article, we will provide you with detailed information about this scheme, including eligibility criteria and a step-by-step procedure to book your slot. janasevaka report So, let’s dive in and explore the benefits and process of availing services under the Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme.

janasevaka slot booking

The Karnataka Government has introduced a new scheme called the Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme for 2023. This scheme is designed to provide convenience to individuals who are unable to travel for their government-related tasks. Janasevaka Karnataka gov in By visiting the official website of the Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme, you can easily book your appointment and enjoy various benefits offered by the portal. janasevaka report This service is particularly advantageous for those who continue to face challenges due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. janasevaka report Additionally, the Karnataka Government has implemented multiple measures to facilitate appointment bookings.

Key Highlights Of Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme Apply

📜 NameKarnataka Janasevaka Scheme 2023
🚀 Launched byKarnataka Government
🎯 ObjectiveProviding doorstep deliveries of different types of services
🎁 BeneficiaryPresidents of Karnataka
🌐 Official siteKarnataka Janasevaka Scheme Official Site

List Of Services Under Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme

The following services are available at the portal to choose from if you are a President of Karnataka:-

🏛️ Department📋 Services
🏥 Health and Family Welfare🏥 Health Card
🏙️ BBMP📝 Khata Transfer base on Sale Deed
🚔 Karnataka State Police📜 Police Verification Certificate (PVC) – Domestic Servants / House Keeping Antecedents and Address Verification
💰 Revenue💰 Income Certificate
🏗️ Karnataka Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board📚 Application for Educational Assistance
👴 Dept for Empowerment of Differently Abled and Senior Citizens👴 Senior Citizen Card
🏙️ BBMP📜 Khata Transfer through a Court Decree
🚔 Karnataka State Police📜 Police Verification Certificate (PVC / PCC) – Job Purpose – Antecedents Verification Only for MNCs or Private or Corporate
💰 Revenue💼 Caste Certificates
🏗️ Karnataka Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board💼 Application for Funeral and Ex-Gratia Assistance
🏙️ BBMP🎁 Khata Transfer through Gift
🚔 Karnataka State Police📜 OVC / PCC – Job Purpose – Antecedents and Address Verification for MNCs or Private or Corporate
💰 Revenue💼 Income and Caste Certificates
🏗️ Karnataka Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board📆 Application for Continuation of existing registration for next 1 or 3 years
🏙️ BBMP🏡 Khata Transfer through Inheritance

Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme Slot Booking

To reserve your spot on our website, there are various procedures available. janasevaka report Below, you will find a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to book your slot using these different methods:

Via Call Centre:-

  • To avail of our services, simply dial the toll-free number provided: 08044554455. A friendly call center representative will answer your call and assist you.
  • Kindly specify the service you require during the conversation. The representative will provide detailed information regarding the necessary documents, service fees, and other related requirements.
  • Once you have decided on the desired service, please confirm your choice with the representative. Your appointment will then be booked under your name.
  • An OTP (One-Time Password) will be sent to your registered mobile number for verification purposes. During the service delivery, you will need to share this OTP with our Jana Sevaka representative.
  • At the scheduled date and time, the assigned Jana Sevaka will visit your home to fulfill the requested service.
  • Remember to provide the OTP received during the confirmation of your service. janasevaka report Our executive will assist you in completing the service application form and handle the scanning and uploading of any required documents.
  • Additionally, the executive will collect the necessary service and department fees from you. Once the transaction is complete, an acknowledgment slip or tax receipt will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Finally, our executive will deliver the relevant documents directly to your home. We greatly value your feedback, so please feel free to share your thoughts with our executive.

Via Mobile App:-

  • First of all, download the Mobile application of the portal by clicking on the link given here:-
 slot booking
  • Login yourself on the portal
  • Click on Jana Sevaka.
  • The list of services available at the application will be displayed on your screen
  • Click on your desired service
  • The details of the service will be displayed on your screen
  • You have to confirm the service
  • Now the available slots will be displayed on your screen
  • You can book any of the available slots based on their convenience.
  • Confirmation OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number to confirm your available slot
  • This OTP is required to be shared with Jana Sevaka at the time of service delivery.
  • After the confirmation of the booking, Jana Sevaka will be assigned to fulfill the service at that particular slot.
  • Jana Sevaka will visit the citizen’s homes on the requested date and time.
  • You will have to share the OTP that you got at the time of the confirmation of the service.
  • The executive will then assist the citizen in filling out the service application form. And The executive will also scan and upload any document required
  • The executive will collect the service fees along with the department fee required to avail of the service.
  • You will be getting an acknowledgment slip or acknowledgment tax on your registered mobile number.
  • Finally, the executive will deliver the document to the citizen’s home.
  • The citizens are free to give feedback to the executive.

Via Website:-

  • First, visit the official website of the portal
  • You have to click on the option called book slot.
karnataka janasevaka scheme
  • Click the provided link to access the booking page directly.
  • Once the page loads, you will see various services listed. Choose the specific service you are interested in.
  • Review the associated fees for that service. janasevaka slot booking Ensure you have all the required supporting documents as mentioned on the page.
  • Check the availability of time slots for appointments. Once you find a suitable time slot, proceed to book it.
  • Fill in your name and mobile number in the designated fields. Provide your address details accurately.
  • Select the desired appointment date from the available options. Choose the preferred appointment time.
  • Finally, click on the “Book Slot” option to confirm your booking.


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FAQ Questions Related Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme 2023

✔️ What is Karnataka Janasevaka scheme?

Jana Sevaka initiative was launched to provide Doorstep Delivery of Government Services citizens in order to ease the life of citizens. Janasevaka Karnataka gov in janasevaka slot booking It is an enhanced assisted delivery model wherein citizens can avail services at their doorstep.

✔️ Which state government recently launched a scheme called Janasevaka?

Notes: The state government of Karnataka has recently launched a scheme called ‘Janasevaka’ to home-deliver various government services to citizens.

✔️ Which district in Karnataka is involved in Jaladhara scheme?

Minister for Rural Development and Panchayat Raj K.S. Eshwarappa has said that Jaladhare project would be taken up in Raichur district at the cost of ₹1,918 crore as water will be supplied from Narayanpur reservoir.


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