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Dream Girl 2 review is a funny movie. Ayushmann Khurrana is back and he makes everyone laugh. The movie is about a boy who pretends to be a girl on the phone. Dream Girl 2 release date This movie is the second part, after the first Dream Girl movie. People are waiting to see how much money this movie will make. Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday acted in the movie Dream Girl 2. The movie had a good beginning at the cinema even though it had to compete with Gadar 2. The initial section of ‘Dream Girl’, which came out in 2019, earned around 9.5 crore rupees at the cinema, and people think the second part will earn less than that. But we can’t really compare the numbers because the first one was released before the pandemic. The film also has Paresh Rawal, Rajpal Yadav, Vijay Raaz, and some other actors.


Dream Girl 2 What is the Movie About?

Dream Girl 2 tells the story of a boy named Karam. He lives in a place called Mathura. Karam needs money, so he takes a funny job. He talks on the phone and pretends to be a girl named Pooja. Many people like talking to Pooja. But, this makes Karam’s life very crazy. He has to be both Karam and Pooja. The movie shows all the funny things that happen because of this.

Esteemed actor Jeetendra makes a stylish entrance at the Dream Girl 2 success celebration

The 2019 movie DreamGirl was a real laugh-fest. It was directed by Raaj Shaandilyaa, who was making his debut as a director, and produced by Ekta Kapoor. The film really hit the funny bone of many people and became a big hit at the box office. So, everyone’s excitement went through the roof when they said they were making Dream Girl 2.

This comedy-drama film didn’t disappoint and lived up to all the hype. It was a big hit too. The Dream Girl 2 team threw a party to celebrate the film’s success, and some big Bollywood stars attended it.

Dream Girl 2 Movie Story

The Dream Girl 2 review story is about a young boy named Karam. He lives in a town called Mathura. Karam falls in love with a girl named Pari. But his life becomes tricky and funny at the same time. To solve his money problems, Karam gets a different kind of job. He pretends to be a woman on the phone and talks to people. He uses the name “Pooja” for this. The story gets funny when many people like talking to Pooja on the phone. Karam has to handle his real self and the Pooja persona, which creates confusion. The movie talks about love, who we are, and the funny things that happen to Karam. The movie’s director, Raaj Shaandilya, promises to be full of fun, romance, and a nice story.


Dream Girl 2 release cast And Roles

🎬 Actor NameRole in Movie
🕺 Ayushmann KhurranaKaram/Pooja
👩‍🦰 Ananya PandayPari Srivastava
🎭 Rajpal YadavShoukiya
🧑‍🦳 Manoj JoshiJaipal Srivastava
🤵 Abhishek BanerjeeShahrukh

Dream Girl 2 box office collection

Dream Girl 2 review has entered the box office with a powerful start on its first day. The movie might have earned about 9 to 10 crores initially. The excited response from the audience shows that the film will likely do well in the future at the box office. The movie’s mix of funny moments and serious scenes has helped it earn well initially, and it looks like it will continue to be successful in the coming days.

📅 DayBox Office Collection
🌞 Day 1₹ 10.69 Cr
🌆 Day 2₹ 14.02 Cr
🌆 Day 3₹ 16 Cr
🌆 Day 4₹ 5.42 Cr
🌆 Day 5₹ 5.87 Cr
🌆 Day 6₹ 7.5 Cr
🌆 Day 7₹ 7.50 Cr
🌆 Day 8₹ 4.00 Cr
🌆 Day 9₹ 6.36 Cr
🌆 Day 10₹ 8.1 Cr
🌆 Day 11₹ 2.8 Cr
🌆 Day 12₹ 3.00 Cr
🌆 Day 13₹ 2.55 Cr * early estimates
TOTAL ₹ 94.51 Cr

Day 1 Hindi (2D) Occupancy in Key Regions for Dream Girl 2

🌆 RegionOverallMorningAfternoonEveningNightShows
🏙️ Mumbai21.67%15%20%30%0%561
🏢 National Capital Region (NCR)32.33%24%32%41%0%696
🏙️ Pune18.33%15%20%20%0%175
🏙️ Bengaluru18.00%9%19%26%0%213
🏙️ Hyderabad20.67%16%21%25%0%180
🏙️ Kolkata15.67%11%17%19%0%172
🏙️ Ahmedabad11.67%11%13%11%0%292
🏙️ Chennai33.50%0%29%38%0%49
🏙️ Surat9.00%7%11%9%0%154
🏙️ Jaipur34.00%33%28%41%0%121
🏙️ Chandigarh26.67%19%28%33%0%66
🏙️ Bhopal20.00%13%18%29%0%64
🏙️ Lucknow29.67%24%25%40%0%137

Day 2 Hindi (2D) Occupancy in Key Regions for Dream Girl 2

🌄 Morning Shows20.71%
🌆 Afternoon Shows37.22%
🌆 Evening Shows47.12%
🌙 Night Shows60.53%

Dream Girl 2 release date

People can watch Dream Girl 2 review in theaters. It came out on August 25, 2023. Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday are the main actors. They make the movie very funny and nice.

Dream Girl 2 Movie Overview

Dream Girl 2 is a funny and dramatic movie in Hindi. It’s directed by Raaj Shaandilya. The main actors are Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday. This movie is part two of the popular movie Dream Girl that came out in 2019. The story is about a guy named Karam who lives in a small town. He pretends to be a woman on the phone to make money. This causes lots of funny things to happen. Ekta Kapoor makes the movie with Balaji Telefilms. You can watch it from August 25, 2023, and it’s going to be a really fun and exciting movie.

The movie Dream-Girl 2 began with a good opening at the cinema on its first day, making about 9 to 10 crores, as said in the beginning news. Many Pepoles are really looking forward to it, and it seems like the film will keep doing good. It’s a mix of funny parts and a love tale. Raaj Shaandilyaa directed it, and the follow-up has Ayushmann Khurrana again, playing two roles, Pooja and Karam.

Dream Girl 2 is not just a comedy; it’s a story about love and discovering oneself. The characters get into funny situations because they don’t understand each other, but they realise and accept who they truly are. The movie combines funny parts with touching scenes, making it enjoyable for everyone.

Suhana Khan Expresses Her Solidarity for Close Friend Ananya Panday at an Exclusive Dream Girl Screening Event.

Dream Girl 2 Trailer Official

Dream Girl 2 Trailer introduces us to a realm of laughter, affection, and misunderstandings. It displays Ayushmann Khurrana’s splendid performance as he takes on two roles – Karam and Pooja. We witness Karam’s amusing adventure as he pretends to be Pooja during phone conversations. Filled with amusing conversations, adorable instances, and a bit of romance, the preview assures an enjoyable experience. As the characters encounter amusing mix-ups, we’re eager for the movie to come out and relish the humor and warmth it delivers.

How Did People Book Tickets for the Movie?

Many people were excited to watch Dream Girl 2 trailer on the first day, August 25. They booked tickets in advance. Some people also bought tickets at the cinema on the same day. The movie has funny parts and also parts that make people feel emotions. After the first day, more information about how many people watched the movie will come out. The number of people who watch the movie on the first day will tell how good the movie is

What Do People Think After Watching the Movie?

The thoughts folks share about the trailer of Dream Girl 2 once they’ve seen it will determine how much cash the film earns in the coming days. If lots of folks say positive stuff, more folks will wanna see it. But if they say negative things, then fewer might watch. At the moment, lots of folks are giving thumbs up to the Dream Girl 2 trailer. If the film rakes in a bunch of money on day one, even more folks might catch it on the weekend.

some Important twits and insta post

Ashwinyiyertiwari insta post what she says : After a long time i sat in a theatre and laughed out loud without bothered about what people will say with my loud laughter. @varun.shetty.1840 sitting besides me must have felt the same as I just could not ‘Not laugh and smile’ at the brilliant comic timing and dialogues by the director / writer Raj and his team. The why and what does not matter. Writing comedy is a difficult genre and to let people forget their mind chatter for sometime and enjoy a good laugh is a gift to the audience from talented creators. @ayushmannk is a chameleon with terrific performances and dance moves in #dreamgirl2 @seemabhargavapahwa ji only love for you. @nowitsabhi your smile is getting wider ♥️ @ananyapanday there is so much more for an audience to discover from you as an actor. @ektarkapoor shine always. So much love and respect for you ♥️ The watching experience in the theatre is something else. When a roar of laughter and claps rooting for the characters become a part of you. You are not judged for laughing or shedding tears. The pure magic of cinema with family, friends and loved ones or just alone and popcorn. The magic of theatres, For the love of cinema.

chunkypanday insta post what he says : Proud Mama Mia ❤️ All the Best Team #dreamgirl2 🥂🍾 Had a blast 😂

My Opinions On Dream Girl 2 Review

I think Dream Girl II is a nice second part that keeps its promise of making us laugh and enjoy. Ayushmann Khurrana acting as two different characters makes the funny parts even better, and Ananya Panday fits well with the story. The story is interesting, and the conversations are clever, making it a fun movie. It’s a good mix of funny moments and nice feelings that keep people interested from start to finish.


Dream Girl II is a movie that many people have been waiting for. It has funny parts and also parts that make you think. Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Pandey did a great job. The movie is now in theaters, and many people are going to watch it. It will be interesting to see how much money the movie makes in the next few days.

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FAQ Related Dream Girl Movie

Who are the main actors in Dream Girl 2?

The main actors are Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Pandey.

Dream Girl 2 release date in theatres?

The Dream Girl 2 release date is August 25, 2023

Is Dream Girl 2 a funny movie?

Yes, it is a comedy movie with funny parts and also parts that make you think

Who directed Dream Girl 2?

The film was made by Raaj Shaandilya.

Is Dream Girl 2 a sequel?

Dream Girl2 is the next part of the movie Dream Girl, which came out in 2019.


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