BGMI A1 Royal Pass: Release Date, Rewards, Price & Duration

By Amar Kumar


Exciting news for all BGMI Fans! The brand-new A1 Royale Pass has just dropped, and the official announcement came through their Instagram. Gamers can now feast their eyes on an avatar proudly sporting the sleek Spectre Slayer outfit. This pass takes the excitement up a notch with a whopping 100 levels, doubling the enjoyment compared to the previous 50 levels. Players had eagerly anticipated the A1 Royale Pass, especially since the game came back in India. Get ready to snag the fantastic Phantom set with awesome weapon skins, parachutes, and more. And don’t miss out on the A1 Phantom M416 skin and BGMI A1 Royal Pass Rewards – a cool skull design awaits you at level 50. Time to dive in and level up the fun!

BGMI A1 Royal Pass

Release Date of BGMI A1 Royal Pass

Krafton India has officially revealed the latest A1 Royale Pass for BGMI, the beloved battle royale game. The announcement was shared on the game’s official Instagram. Players can now see a virtual character sporting the exclusive Spectre Slayer Set and Spectre Slayer Cover. The launch of the A1 RP had gamers waiting eagerly, and it’s expected to arrive about two months after the game’s relaunch in India, aligning with the Month 21 and Month 22 Royale Pass introductions. Brace yourself for this thrilling update in the gaming world!

Get ready to enjoy exciting rewards in BGMI’s A1 Royale Pass – claim them online when they’re ready. This opportunity is open to all dedicated users engaged in the latest BGMI updates. Elevate your status in BGMI using the BGMI A1 Royale Pass. Their official website will reveal the official launch date for this highly anticipated pass. Once the update is live, you can expect to find it on your BGMI platform. Stay connected for all the important updates to keep yourself well-informed.


🕹️ GameBattlegrounds Mobile India
📅 Android Release Date2 July 2021
📱 iOS/iPadOS Release Date18 August 2021
👩‍💻 Developer & PublisherKrafton
🎬 DirectorSean Hyunil Sohn
📊 CategoryGame
🌐 SeriesPUBG Universe
🎯 EngineUnreal Engine
📱 PlatformAndroid, iOS, iPadOS
📆 BGMI A1 Royale Pass Release DateBetween 14 August and 21 August 2023
🔜 StatusAvailable Soon
👥 Game ModeMultiplayer
🌐 Official Website

Unlock the Ultimate BGMI Experience: Dive into the A1 Royale Pass!

With the growing excitement in the mobile gaming landscape, BGMI’s new A1 Royale Pass emerges as the talk of the town. Ready to discover what’s in store? Let’s delve deeper!

The BGMI A1 Royal Pass is scheduled for launch in August 2023, and early glimpses of the rewards have already appeared online. The upcoming Royal Pass will introduce several fresh rewards, such as clothing, weapon designs, and emotes. One particularly significant prize in the A1 Royal Pass is the A1 Phantom attire. This attire, predominantly black and red, showcases a skull mask and cape. Players who attain RP level 100 will have access to the A1 Phantom outfit.

  • A1 Phantom emote
  • A1 Phantom headgear
  • A1 Phantom title
  • A1 Phantom backpack
  • A1 Phantom spray
  • A1 Phantom parachute

Surpassing the Usual: Elevating the Game at the 100-Level

Key FeaturesDetails
Duration8 weeks
Exclusive RewardsPhantom Set & more
TiersElite and Elite Plus
Elite Cost360 UC
Elite Plus Cost960 UC

BGMI Upcoming Battle Pass: Everything You Need to Know

The A1 Royal Pass has become an official addition to the game, debunking earlier speculations about its inclusion in the upcoming update. Players have been eagerly anticipating the fate of the A1 RP, questioning whether it would make its way into the game or be overshadowed by the A2 RP. Exciting news has surfaced through an Instagram post on the official page of Battlegrounds Mobile India, confirming the imminent arrival of the A1 RP. Stay tuned for its live debut!

BGMI A1 Royale Pass: Exclusive Rewards You Can’t-Miss

Embark on an exciting gaming adventure with BGMI’s A1 Royale Pass! From August 14 to August 21, 2023, players have a golden chance to tackle thrilling challenges. Don’t let this time-limited opportunity slip away – mark your calendars! The BGMI A1 Royale Pass is split into two captivating sections, offering 100 exciting in-game challenges. Each challenge you conquer will earn you satisfying rewards. Eager to know what these enticing rewards are? Look no further, as we’ve gathered a sneak peek of what awaits you through the BGMI A1 Royale Pass. Dive in and get ready for a world of exhilaration!

👗 OutfitA1 Phantom Look
🔫 Weapon SkinA1 Phantom M416 Finish
🕺 EmoteA1 Phantom Festive Dance
🎒 BackpackA1 Phantom Carry
🪖 HeadgearA1 Phantom Protection

A1 Royale Pass: Release Date, Rewards, and More

  • For eight weeks, the Royale Pass will be available.
  • Players may complete challenges to gain up to 100 RP levels.
  • Players get UC, BP, and other goods upon completing each RP level.
  • When players reach RP level 100, they may don the A1 Phantom costume.

BGMI A1 Royal Pass 1 to 100 RP Rewards

Elite Pass Rewards

⭐️ RP Level🎁 Free Rewards
14 Supply Crate Coupon ScrapNeon Slayer Set & PrecisionArtistry – DP-28
51 Mission CardNeon Slayer Cover
10“Battle” GraffitiBlaster Tank
15Cute Battle EmoteSerpentine Gaze Plane Finish
201 Mission CardSteel Morpher Helmet
25Labyrinth Beast Parachute2 Voucher (10UC) & 1 Premium Crate Coupon
301 Pearlescent Upgrade CardViolet Eclipse-Thompson & Tangerine Drake Emote
3510 Silver Fragment1 Modification Material Piece
401 Mission CardTangerine Drake Set
451 Pearlescent Upgrade Card1 Voucher (20UC) & 1 Premium Crate Coupon
50Ember Prowler CoverDrakonbane Remnant- Machete
55Joyful Debut EmoteBrass Bovine MG3
6015 Silver FragmentPixel Kitty Backpack
651 Mission CardRP Avatar & Cutie Tanky Ornament
70Ember Prowler SetViolet Eclipse Sidecar Motorcycle
751 Pearlescent Upgrade Card1 Voucher (20UC)
80Fun Astronaut- SLRSecret Runes Stun Granade & Specter Slayer Emote
85“Battle” Graffiti1 Modification Material Piece & 1 Premium Crate Coupon
901 Mission CardSwiftshooter- M16A4
951 Pearlescent Upgrade Card1 Voucher (20UC)
1001 Room Card (1 Day)Specter Slayer Mythic Set

BGMI A1 Royale Pass Duration: How Long Does It Last?

New Update Alert: Get ready for some exciting news! The latest update announces that the BGMI A1 Royale Pass will last 8 weeks. Players must take on the 100-level challenge to earn fantastic rewards during this time. Every level you conquer in the BGMI A1 RP Challenge comes with its special prize. You’ll face various challenges, each with different levels of difficulty. Before diving into this thrilling adventure, read the instructions carefully to ensure a successful and triumphant experience.

Get ready for an amazing journey through the tiers of BGMI A1 RP, where treasures await your discovery! With each tier you conquer, you’ll unlock valuable UC, BP, and other precious items, bringing you closer to victory. Keep an eye out for the upcoming launch date of the BGMI A1 Royale Pass – it’s your opportunity to grab even more incredible rewards. If you conquer all 100 tiers and rise to the challenge, the prestigious A1 Phantom tier awaits you. Prepare yourself and dive into the excitement because your hard-earned rewards are near!

Pricing and Tiers: Ensuring Value for Every Gamer

While the A1 Royale Pass is loaded with features and rewards, it remains accessible for all with two distinct tiers:

  • Elite: Priced at 360 UC
  • Elite Plus: Priced at 960 UC, offering an exclusive A1 Phantom border and more.

BGMI A1 Royal Pass Price

The price of the Royale Pass changes based on the tier you choose. If you go for levels 1 to 50, you’ll find the Elite Pass for 360 UC, and the Elite Pass Plus costs 960 UC. If you opt for levels 1 to 100, then the Elite Pass is priced at 720 UC, while the Elite Pass Plus is offered at 1920 UC.

01 to 50 Level RP Price:

🏆 Elite Pass360 UC
🌟 Elite Pass Plus960 UC

01 to 100 Level RP Price:

💎 Elite Pass720 UC
✨ Elite Pass Plus1920 UC

Unlocking Rewards: The Journey and Milestones

Each increase in the A1 Royale Pass comes with a series of prizes. The path is filled with unexpected treats, whether the A1 Phantom M416 gun skin at RP level 50 or the splendid A1 Phantom attire at the 100th RP level.

How to Level Up Your BGMI A1 Royal Pass Fast

some tips for boosting your BGMI A1 Royal Pass progress. Let’s dive in!

  • Complete Missions:
    • Focus on daily and weekly missions for substantial RP points.
    • Missions involve gameplay goals like kills, specific weapons, and milestones.
  • Play Regularly:
    • Consistent play accumulates RP points.
    • Engage in a few matches daily for rewards and mission progress.
  • Participate in Events:
    • BGMI hosts in-game events with bonus RP points.
    • Actively join events to gain extra points.
  • Focus on Challenges:
    • Prioritize challenging tasks for higher RP points.
    • Tougher challenges offer significant leveling boosts.
  • Royale Pass Missions:
    • Exclusive missions for Royale Pass holders.
    • Faster tier progression by completing these missions.
  • Purchase Royale Pass:
    • Consider Elite or Elite Pass Plus for bonus RP points.
    • Extra rewards come with these purchases.
  • Complete Daily Objectives:
    • Easy RP points from simple daily objectives.
    • Check and complete these objectives regularly.
  • Play with Friends:
    • Gain bonus RP points by playing with friends.
    • Enhanced enjoyment and gaming performance.
  • Focus on Survival:
    • Longer survival leads to more RP points.
    • Balance aggressiveness with survival tactics.
  • Redeem RP Points:
    • Exchange accumulated RP points for rewards.
    • Bonus RP cards can speed up leveling.
  • Engage in RP Challenges:
    • Royale Pass offers challenges with bonus points.
    • Accelerate progress through these challenges.
  • Strategize and Plan:
    • Plan sessions around mission completion.
    • Optimize RP point gains by choosing objectives strategically.

To level up your BGMI Royale Pass swiftly, remember that the secret lies in playing regularly and finishing missions effectively. Adapt your gameplay strategy to boost both survival and mission accomplishment. You can speedily advance through the BGMI Royale Pass levels by putting in effort and playing smart.


The A1 Royale Pass isn’t just another update; it signifies bgmi royal pass rewards commitment to offering unparalleled experiences. As players brace for its launch, it’s evident – the battleground is set for an evolution!

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FAQs Related to BGMI’s A1 Royale Pass

When is the A1 Royale Pass set to release?

Between 14th and 21st August 2023

How much does the Elite and Elite Plus tier cost?

The Elite tier is priced at 360 UC, and the Elite Plus at 960 UC.

What’s the primary theme of the A1 Royale Pass rewards?

The primary theme concerns the Phantom set, characterized by black, red, and skull insignias.


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