UP Agriculture | Kisan Registration Status Online 2022

If you are a farmer and want to take advantage of the schemes given by the government , then it is mandatory for you to register your farmer . To do this , up agriculture, upagriculture, up agriculture registration page, kisan registration have been started by the government. Come early we will give all the information you UP Agriculture (upagriculture.com).

Many schemes are started for the farmers by the central government and the state government , but the benefits of these schemes are not available to the farmers who are not registered farmers i.e. farmers whose kisan registration has not been done.

For the farmers to take advantage of the government schemes run by the government, it is very important for the farmers to have kisan registration and kisan registration can be done by visiting the up agriculture registration page .

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इस आर्टिकल को हिंदी में पढने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे 

Below we are going to give you all the information related to dbt agriculture Up, Upagriculture, Up Agriculture in full detail.

Are you also a farmer of Uttar Pradesh, do you also have to do your kisan registration on dbt agriculture Up, Upagriculture, Up Agriculture?

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If your answer is also  “yes” , then continue reading this article.

UP Agriculture

Table of Contents

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Many schemes are run by the Government of India to give benefits to the farmers and these schemes are operated under the supervision of DBT Agriculture Department .

The work of the Agriculture Department is mainly to send money to the account of farmers, but kisan registration is also done on the DBT Agriculture Department website , so that the farmer can be identified.

The registration of farmers is done by the up agriculture department and the details of these farmers are collected, in the details , information related to bank account is also taken from the farmers along with their personal information.

Bank information is taken from the farmers so that in the coming time, the amount to be transferred to the farmers account can be sent directly to their account through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) .

DBT AGRICULTURE INDIA Although this is a central government scheme, but under Dbt Agriculture , different DBT Agriculture Portals of the state government are created.

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Such as DBTagriculture Bihar for Bihar and DBT Agriculture Uttar Pradesh for Uttar Pradesh . Similarly, DBT Agriculture Portal is also different for different states and their link and method of working is also slightly different.

Direct Benefit Transfer Agriculture Department/ Dbt Agriculture

  • Through DBT Agriculture Portal , farmers can do a lot of work from one place.
  • Agriculture DBT Portal is different for every state, you have to keep in mind which state you are from and you have to get the information of your DBT Portal according to that state .
  • By the way, if you are from Bihar then you can get complete information about Bihar DBT Agriculture by clicking here.
  • And if you are a farmer of Uttar Pradesh, then we are going to give you complete information about Uttar Pradesh Agriculture Department in full detail.

UP Agriculture Farmer Registration Scheme Highlights 

Scheme Name UP Agriculture
started By Agriculture Department Uttar Pradesh
Beneficiary all farmers of the state
Benefits To provide benefits of all types of government schemes launched by the government to the farmers.
Objective No farmer of the state should be deprived of government schemes.
Status UP Farmer Registration Start
state Applicable only in Uttar Pradesh
Official website Click Here

UP Agriculture, upagriculture, transparent farmer service scheme Uttar Pradesh government.

The farmers of Uttar Pradesh are given the benefit of many schemes by the government , the work of giving benefits of these schemes is done through upagriculture.com under the transparent Kisan Seva Yojana .

Transparent Kisan Seva Yojana Uttar Pradesh Government Services., UP Agriculture , Upagriculture

With the help of upagriculture.com , not only kisan registration of farmers of Uttar Pradesh is done, but many services are also provided to those farmers.

There Are Services Provided By Upagriculture.Com For Farmers.

  1. Farmer registration
  2. Registration Graph
  4. Farmer Support
  5. Suggestions and complaints
  6. Selected farmers for profit distribution
  7. Know the progress of sending grants to the fields
  8. List of Beneficiaries
  9. Other Notifications
  10. Progress of Drought Relief
  11. Success Story
  12. Registration progress
  13. Where who got what benefit
  14. Profit distribution in important schemes
  15. Facilities and grants for agriculture
  16. Prime Minister’s Agriculture Irrigation Scheme
  17. Remove tokens for grant on the device

Note – There are so many things that farmers only in Uttar Pradesh UP Agriculture, upagriculture ‘s website upagriculture.com With just Kisan Registration can get by.

Note: – So till now you havereceived information related to DBT Agriculture India and UP Agriculture .

Next, we will also tell you the process of how to do kisan registration on UP Agriculture .

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We you up upagriculture under upagriculture.com describes the services offered to farmers in Uttar Pradesh by.

If you are from any state other than Uttar Pradesh , then the services provided may be slightly different, you can get information about it by visiting the DBT Agriculture Portal of your state government .

Uttar Pradesh kisan registration /farmer registration /up agriculture registration page

Before doing kisan registration, we would like to give you detailed information about the services provided on the portal of UP Agriculture Department upagriculture.com and we would also like to tell you what benefits you will get after doing kisan registration .

Benefits of being a registered farmer. Benefits Of kisan registration

After doing kisan registration , you get many benefits, this benefit is given to you by both the state government and the central government only when your kisan registration is done and you are a registered farmer .

Following Are The Advantages Of Dbt Agriculture Kisan Registration.

1. The state government gets to know that you are a farmer.

In order to reach the benefits of the central government or state government schemes to the farmers, it is necessary that the government should know who are farmers and who are not farmers?

If you are a farmer then this can be proved only when your kisan registration has been done.

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2. Direct Benefit to Farmers

After being a registered farmer , through upagriculture.com , whatever benefit amount is in the account of the farmers according to the scheme, is sent through Direct Benefit Transfer DBT .

3. Priority to farmers in upcoming schemes

If any scheme is started by the Central Government or the State Government , then priority is given to the registered farmer only.

4. Application for grant on crop failure.

If due to any reason the crops of the farmers are ruined, for example unseasonal rain or hailstorm, then even in such a situation only those farmers can apply to get the grant who is a registered farmer .

5. Suggestions and Complaints

Through upagriculture.com , farmers are also given the option to submit suggestions or complaints on any problem .

6. There are many other benefits which are given to you after the kisan registration is done through the official website of UP Agriculture, upagriculture.com.

Documents Required for Upagriculture Farmer Registration | Required Document For kisan registration

Whenever farmers go to get their kisan registration done, then keep the following documents with you.

  1. ➡ Base cards
  2. ➡ link mobile numbers based card when (registration is sent to the OTP on the registered mobile number)
  3. ➡ bank account details IFSC code would be more correct to take more (bank account passbook)
  4. ➡ farmer’s personal information and land information . (Land documents or LPC receipt may be required)

Online farmer registration upagriculture.com 81 , up agriculture registration page , how to do farmer registration?

If you are a farmer of Uttar Pradesh and have prepared all your information and documents, then you can apply online for kisan registration on the website of upagriculture.com 81 .

Kisan Registration Upagriculture

  • First of all go to the official website of UP Agriculture .
  • As soon as you go to upagriculture.com 81 , its home page will open in front of you in this way. ?UP Agriculture
  • Go to upagriculture.com home page
  • The homepage will be seen in such a way that at the top you will see a link to register, which will be something like this. ?

UP Agriculture Farmer Registration

  • As soon as you click on Register.
  • Farmer Registration Form will open in front of you. You have to enter all your information in the form. 

Up kisan registration

  • Also enter the bank account details of the farmer.
  • In Bank Account Information, you have to enter your Bank Account Number and IFSC Code along with Aadhar Card Number.
  • Enter all the information in the form
  • Enter all the information that is asked from you in the farmer registration form carefully and check it once before submitting it.
  • Final submit the application form.
  • When your information is completely filled in the application form and the application is also re-verified, then you should submit your application form final.

Note: – As soon as you submit the final, youget a registration number under farmer registration , keep this registration number somewhere safe.

Because this number is your registered farmer number and due to this number you will be given the benefit of all the schemes given by the government.

Note: – Now your farmer registrationhas been done in upagriculture under Agriculture Department India and now you will be given the benefit of all the schemes run by the state government and central government for the farmers.

Note: – There are many such schemes of the central and state government, the benefit of which isgiven only to the registered farmer, that is why it is very important to register your farmer.

up agriculture status, UP Kisan Status Check

If you do your registration under UP Agriculture and you want any kind of status information, then you can also check UP Agriculture Status online.

Status Up Agriculture Status Check

  • Before that you have to go to the official website of upagriculture upagriculture.com .
  • As soon as you go to upagriculture.com , you will get to see many links to check the status.
  • You will get an option here to see the progress of registration, to see the information of up agriculture status , click on the progress of registration.
  • Now here you can get information about the status of your application , up agriculture status by entering your farmer registration number .

Tools used in agriculture, their names and related information

1 Sugar Cane Planter / Cutter 23 semi automatic potato planter
2 Spring Loaded 9 Tyne Cultivator 24 8 Row Self Propelled Rice Trans Planter
3 6 leveler 25 5 tine cultivar
4 7 Tyne Rigid Cultivator 26 Well done plau (6)
5 Trailing Harrow (10 Disc Heavy Type) 27 Paddy Thresher
6 Ridge (3 furrows) 28 usai fan
7 Power Thresher (4 Wheeler) 29 Brass Knapsack Sprayer
8 Power Winning and Disc Harrow 12 Disc Mounted 30 tree guard
9 reaper binder 31 octagonal hand table sheller
10 mag thresher 32 Ground Nut Decorator
11 paddy reaper 33 stripper
12 Rice Trans Planter 34 Strachopper
13 harrow (6 discs) 35 rotavator
14 3 Tyne Cultivator 36 rotary seeder
15 harrow 8 disc tt 37 landlaser leveler
16 power sprayer 38 hey rack
17 Zero Tillage Seed Cum Fertility Drill 39 happy seeder
18 Bund farmer (blade type) 40 reversible plow
19 Sunflower Power Thresher 41 baler
20 Paddy Puddler Tractor Mounted Vertical Conveyor Reaper 42 pneumatic planter
21 automatic potato planter 43 drum seeder
22 multicrap thresher    

UP Agriculture Important Notification / upagriculture Important Notifications

Important Notices

  • Follow the mandate no. 553/12-3-2019-100(61)/12 dated 10-05-2019
  • In relation to making all payments through the portal of transparent farmer scheme
  • Regarding simplification of DBT for grant of small agricultural machines and agricultural defense equipment in various schemes of Agriculture Department.
  • Guidelines regarding payment to farmers from the portal of Transparent Kisan Seva Yojana
  • D 0 B 0 T 0 in relation to validated data of registered beneficiaries with other instructions

Regarding online registration, beneficiary selection and grant of DBT related mandate number- 09/12-3-2017-100(61)/12TC dated 08-01-2018

  • D 0 B 0 T 0 related Kmpreehensiv mandate No. 1074 / 12-3-2017-100-100 (61) / 12 T 0 C 0 dated 26/05/2017 regarding
  • Regarding the procedure and guidelines for online registration, beneficiary selection and DBT of grant and other payments for all the schemes run by the Agriculture Department.
  • Do not make any payment under the scheme by doing Paid by me

Follow DBT’s new mandate no. 543/12-3-2017-100(61)/12 dated 26-05-2017

  • D 0 B 0 T 0 related update direction instructions vide letter Computer 957 dated 20-02-2017
  • Complete the incomplete details of registered farmers
  • Do not amend without record
  • All items D 0 B 0 T 0 mandatory
  • Give first benefit to first registrant

Send DBT bills to treasury in 5 days (Circular of APC Dt. 25-11-2016)

  • Permissible grant on zinc sulfate and micronutrients to be made available to the farmers through DBT/RTGS
  • In relation to direct transfer of grants on hybrid seeds to be distributed under Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) in Rabi 2016-17  to the bank accounts of farmers through RTGS .
  • To be transferred directly to the bank account of farmers through RTGS (RTPS) under Direct Benefit Transfer grant on certified seeds to be distributed in various schemes operated in the state.

Directives to be transferred directly to the bank accounts of farmers through RTGS under DBT grant on certified seeds to be distributed in various schemes operated in the state.

  • Model Estimate for the preparation of cabins under NeGP-A scheme.
  • DBT mandatory in all schemes of the center
  • Necessary instructions dated 15/07/2016 regarding the implementation of the transparent Kisan Seva Yojana and the process of DBT
  • Registration mandatory for farmer training
  • Farmers your crops on pest / disease problems Department of Agriculture on your to fix the registration number or your name, village name, block, district name writing Mo 0 0 neither SMS / WhatsApp on 9452247111 and 9452257111 replies |

Instructions To Transfer The Grant On Hybrid Seeds Directly To The Bank Accounts Of Farmers In The Year 2016-17 Through RTGS Under DBT

  • Encouragement of ATM, BTM for online registration
  • Uttar Pradesh’s Danka playing on DBT
  • Implementation of DBT(Direct Benefit Scheme)-linking of AGRISNET
  • Uttar Pradesh and other states on the basis of D 0 B 0 T 0 (DBT) to GOI K instructions of
  • Do not change the area without proof, after sale, farmers must give receipt dated 30-11-2015
  • Budget allocation to Deputy Agriculture Director and District Agriculture Officer dated 19 November 2015
  • DBT procedure / required guidelines
  • DBT of Rabi seed grant will be from district level
  • It will be mandatory to register to get seeds at full cost.

  In a first, UP govt links seed subsidy to Direct Benefit Transfer scheme

  • Recruitment for the registration worker at the Government Seed Store as the employee of the service provider
  • Subsidy will be transferred to farmers’ account
  • Seed distribution grant will go directly to farmers’ accounts
  • Farmers will be empowered with the help of Agriculture Department

Allotment of Computer UPS and Printer in the Parspar Kisan Seva Yojana

  • Format of Registration Form
  • Important instructions for online monitoring of schemes
  • It is mandatory to register for benefits in agricultural schemes
  • Online registration is necessary for farmers
  • Farmers should avail benefits by registering in the transparent Kisan Seva Yojana
  • Jugaad farmers will no longer be able to take profit every time
  • Now the benefits of agricultural schemes directly in the account

Kisan Registration UP Agriculture 2022

Hindi English
फसल का नाम: गेहूँ विपणन वर्ष: 2022 किसान पंजीकरण हेतु महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी :-   किसान पंजीकरण हेतु आवेदन ( upagriculture.com ) करने के लिए उपरोक्त स्टेप 1 से स्टेप 6 तक पालन करना अनिवार्य है । कृपया ऑनलाइन किसान पंजीकरण करने से पूर्व “स्टेप 1. पंजीकरण प्रारूप” डाउनलोड करके प्रिंट कर लें एवं प्रिंट किये गए प्रारूप की जांच करके आवश्यक सूचनाएं भर लें। किसान पंजीकरण में फसल (गेहूँ) हेतु उपयोग की जाने वाली सभी भूमियों का विवरण देना अनिवार्य है । भूमि विवरण के साथ खतौनी/खाता संख्या, प्लाट/खसरा संख्या, भूमि का रकबा (हेक्टेयर में) एवं फसल (गेहूँ) का रकबा (हेक्टेयर में) भरना अनिवार्य है । आधार कार्ड , बैंक पास बुक व राजस्व अभिलेखों का सही विवरण दर्ज करें । “स्टेप 1. पंजीकरण प्रारूप” भरने के पश्चात “स्टेप 2. पंजीकरण पपत्र” के विकल्प से ऑनलाइन आवेदन दर्ज कर लें । ऑनलाइन आवेदन दर्ज होने पर “पंजीकरण संख्या” नोट कर लें एवं “स्टेप 3. पंजीकरण ड्राफ्ट” से ड्राफ्ट आवेदन पत्र प्रिंट कर लें । पंजीकरण ड्राफ्ट में दर्ज सभी बिन्दुओं का पुनः निरीक्षण कर लें । मोबाइल संख्या देकर पंजीकरण ड्राफ्ट पुनः प्रिंट किया जा सकता है । आवेदन में दर्ज सभी बिन्दुओं का निरीक्षण करने के पश्चात यदि किसी संशोधन की आवश्यकता है तो “स्टेप 4. पंजीकरण संशोधन” से मोबाइल संख्या देकर आवेदन में संशोधन किया जा सकता है । यदि आवेदन का निरीक्षण करने के बाद कोई त्रुटी नहीं पाई जाती है तो “स्टेप 5. पंजीकरण लॉक” के विकल्प से आवेदन लॉक कर दें । आवेदन लॉक हो जाने के पश्चात उसमें कोई संशोधन किसी भी स्तर से सम्भव नहीं होगा । आवेदन लॉक हो जाने के पश्चात “स्टेप 6. पंजीकरण फाइनल प्रिंट” के विकल्प से आवेदन का फाइनल प्रिंट ले कर सुरक्षित रख लें । जब तक आवेदन लॉक नहीं किया जाता है , किसान पंजीकरण स्वीकार नहीं किया जायेगा । इस वर्ष ओ ० टी ० पी ० (O.T.P) आधारित पंजीकरण की व्यवस्था की गयी है , जिसके लिए किसान बन्धु पंजीकरण के समय अपना वर्तमान मोबाइल न ० ही अंकित कराये एस ० एम ० एस ० द्वारा प्रेषित ओ ० टी ० पी ० (O.T.P) को भरकर पंजीकरण प्रकिया को पूरा किया जा सकें । 100 कुन्टल से अधिक विक्रय हेतु उपजिलाधिकारी से ऑनलाइन सत्यापन कराया जायेगा । चकबन्दी के ग्रामों में बेचीं जाने वाली मात्रा का शत प्रतिशत सत्यापन कराया जायगा । किसान अपने खतौनी में दर्ज नाम का पंजीकरण में सही -सही दर्ज कराये , खतौनी में उल्लेखित (बाये तरफ ) समस्त नामो में अपना नाम चुने जाने के विकल्प उन्हें ऑनलाइन ड्राप डाउन में उपल्ध रहेगा । नाम से भिन्नता की स्थिति में उपजिलाधिकारी द्वारा ऑनलाइन सत्यापन किया जायेगा । किसान अपना आधार संख्या , आधार कार्ड में अंकित अपना नाम तथा लिंग सही-सही अंकित करें । किसान अपना बैंक खाता सी ० बी ० एस ० खाता खुलवाये तथा बैंक खाता व आई ० एफ ० एस ० सी ० कोड भरने में विशेष सावधानी रखे । पी ० एफ ० एम ० एस० के माध्यम से त्वरित भुगतान सुनिश्चित हो सके , इस के लिए किसानो से अपील है कि अपने एकल बैंक खाते का न ० ही पंजीकरण के समय दें । जो कृषक खरीफ विपणन वर्ष 2019 -20 में धान खरीद हेतु पंजीकरण करा चुके है , उन्हे गेहूं विक्रय हेतु पुनः पंजीकरण कराने की आवश्यता नहीं है , संशोधन कर या बिना संशोधन के पुनः लॉक कराना होगा । गेहूं विक्रय के समय पंजीयन प्रपत्र के साथ कम्प्यूटराइज़्ड खतौनी , फोटोयुक्त पहचान पत्र , बैंक के पासबुक के प्रथम पृष्ठ के छायाप्रति एंव आधार कार्ड साथ लाये । गेहूं विक्रय के समय किसान अपने पंजीकरण प्रपत्र अवश्य लेकर आये । पंजीकरण प्रपत्र में यह देख ले कि उनके विक्रय की मात्रा 100 कुन्टल से अधिक होने पर , नाम का मिसमैच होने पर अथवा चकबंदी ग्राम होने पर उक्त जिलाधिकारी से सत्यापन हो गया । साथ ही पंजीकरण में पी ० एफ ० एम ० एस० से बैंक खाता सत्यापित हो गया है । गेहूं विक्रय के उपरान्त केन्द्र प्रभारी से पावती पत्र अवश्य प्राप्त कर ले । Crop Name: Wheat Marketing Year: 2022 Important information for farmer registration: –   It is mandatory to follow steps 1 to step 6 above to apply for farmer registration. Please download and print “Step 1. Registration Form” before online farmer registration and fill in the required information by checking the printed format. In the farmer registration, it is mandatory to give details of all the land used for the crop (wheat). It is mandatory to fill in the Khatauni / account number, plot / Khasra number, land area (in hectare), and crop (wheat) acreage (in hectare) along with the land details. Enter the correct details of the Aadhaar card, bank passbook, and revenue records. After filling the “Step 1. Registration Form”, enter the online application with the option of “Step 2. Registration Form”. On filing the online application, note the “Registration Number” and print the draft application form from “Step 3. Registration Draft”. up agriculture registration Re-inspect all the points recorded in the registration draft. Registration draft can be reprinted by giving a mobile number. After inspection of all the points recorded in the application, if any amendment is required, the application can be amended by giving a mobile number from “Step 4. Registration Amendment”. up agriculture registration If no error is found after inspecting the application, then lock the application with the option of “Step 5. Registration lock”. After the application is locked, no modification in it will be possible at any stage. After the application is locked, take the final print of the application and secure it with the option of “Step 6. Registration Final Print”.up agriculture registration  Till the application is not locked, Kisan registration will not be accepted. up agriculture registration This year, an OTP-based registration has been arranged, for which the farmer should register his current mobile number at the time of registration; OTP sent by SMS (OTP) ) To complete the registration process. For the sale of more than 100 quintals, online verification will be done by the Deputy Collector. 100% verification of quantity sold in consolidation villages will be done. up agriculture registration Farmers should register their name correctly in their Khatauni, right in the registration, the option to select their name in all the names mentioned in the Khatauni (on the left) will be available in the online dropdown. In case of a difference in name, online verification will be done by the Deputy Collector. The farmer should correctly mention his Aadhaar number, his name, and gender mentioned in the Aadhar card. Farmers should open their bank account CBS account and take special care in filling the bank account and IFSC code. up agriculture registration To ensure prompt payment through PPMS, it is an appeal to the farmers not to give their single bank account at the time of registration. Farmers who have registered for paddy purchase in Kharif marketing year 2019-20, do not need to re-register for the sale of wheat, need to be re-locked by amendment or without modification. A computerized Khatauni, photo identity card, photocopy of the first page of the bank passbook, and Aadhaar card should be brought along with the registration form at the time of sale of wheat. Farmers must bring their registration forms at the time of selling wheat. In the registration form, it should be seen that if their sales volume is more than 100 quintals, there is a mismatch of the name or in the consolidation village, verification with the said District Magistrate. Along with this, the bank account has been verified in registration from PPMS. After selling the wheat, you must obtain an acknowledgment letter from the center in-charge.

New Update On UP Kisan Portal

UP Agriculture Contact /Upagriculture.Com Contact Number

Registration and DBT Helpline Number:
7235090578, 7235090574 (in working day)
6392175756 (regarding land conservation)
Email- dbt.validation@gmail.com
Email- kdsupdbt@gmail.com ( regarding land conservation)

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FAQ UP Agriculture, Agriculture Department Uttar Pradesh

✔️ How to check up agriculture status?

To check up agriculture status , first of all you have to go to the official website of up agriculture upagriculture.com . On the website, you will see an option to see the progress of registration. To check up agriculture status , you have to use the option of progress of registration.

✔️ How can I get my Kisan registration number?

Farmers can call up Kisan Call Center (KCC) through a toll free number 1800-180-1551. Registration of the farmers is done by Kisan Call Centre Agent at the Kisan Call Centre who records personal details of the farmer in the Kisan Knowledge Management System (KKMS).

✔️ What is DBT UP Agriculture PM Kisan?

Farmers of Uttar Pradesh can apply for Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana only throughthe official upagriculture.com of Uttar Pradesh Agriculture Department . dbt agriculture upagriculture.com UP PM Kisan is just an option through which farmers can register themselves under PM Kisan Yojana.

✔️ kisan up agriculture registration 2021 ?

up agriculture registration 202 1 Farmers can be done online through the official website of upagriculture , upagriculture.com . You can get complete information of
up agriculture registration 2021 by clicking here. ?

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