5 thoughts on “PM Kisan Scheme 11th Installment Status Link 2000 Rupee”

  1. किया पी0एम0किसान की दो किस्‍तों की धनराशि एक साथ आयेगी
    किया पी0एम0किसान की न्‍यू किस्‍त की धनराशि इस बार बढ कर आयेगी
    किया पी0एम0किसान की अगली किस्‍त जून माह में आयेगी

  2. I have not received even a single installment because my patwari has filled wrong information about me my mobile number and account number is wrong. I have done on line kyc also but I have not received till date Adhar number is 450981943999.mobil number 9719723795 Hemsingh and account number is 87852210004712 Please do some thing to solve the problem.


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